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We know you care about the environment and electric cars also provide great cost savings.

We can install an Electric Vehicle Charging Point at your home or business.

We will carry out a free survey of your property to establish the best options for you.

Call or Email for your free survey now




Types of Electric Vehicle Charging Points

There are 3 main types of EV Charging Points. Rapid, Fast and Slow.

Rapid or Super Chargers are mainly found at Motorway Services and other public locations where super fast charging is necessary during a journey. A typical example is Telsa Super Chargers which can charge the vehicle up to 80% in just 20 minutes.

Fast Chargers are the standard for home charging and workplace charging, they can be installed at homes, businesses and other public locations to enable users to charge their vehicles within a only few hours, depending on the vehicle and rating of the charging point.

The most common fast charger we install is rated at 7kW which will charge most vehicles from 0-100% within 6-8 hours. 

Slow chargers (or trickle chargers) are generally only for emergency charging and can take 12 hours or more to charge the vehicle, they tend to be designed to charge form a normal 13A plug socket and are often not designed to be used day in and day out as it can cause overload to the sockets in your house.

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